The Beauty Chef Hydration Inner Beauty Boost

The Beauty Chef Hydration Inner Beauty Boost

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Hydration Inner Beauty Boost from The Beauty Chef

Made for anyone with dehydrated skin looking to naturally boost cellular hydration from the inside out. The Hydration Boost helps rehydrate dull, lack lustre skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. This organic coconut-infused, bio-fermented, probiotic concentrate supports your gut health and enhances skin radiance by boosting hydration and restoring electrolyte balance. Every 15ml serve is loaded with skin-loving probiotics and prebiotics plus natural electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and plant nutrients to help re-hydrate your skin and improve your digestive health. Which will help restore your bodies hydration levels, boost circulation and blood oxygen, boost energy and overall well being.

The Beauty Chef’s Inner Beauty Boosts are designed to amplify the effects of your daily skin supplement Glow Inner Beauty Powder.

Available at our online boutique and in store.